Friday, March 11, 2011

The metal in the shop, laser cut and sanded

The large circular piece in progress
Parts of the front piece and the escalator area piece laser cut
The placard with the children's names

More template placement- The real pieces installed WEDNESDAY!!

The escalator area on the second floor mezzanine
A small niche on the first floor

SEPTA ARTS IN TRANSIT PROJECT: Templates for Placement and Final Fabrication

The Front of the Station on 63rd street
So here is Scott, my project manager from Amuneal, up on the ladder  while I advise him on placement.  

The stairwell

Another view

I decided the best way to make sure the blind (not seen from front)  hardware would go into the mortar of the brick was to create a template and mark in person where the final hardware needed to be welded. Because the pieces are finished with a  powder- coated process ( a thermoplastic) they can not be corrected once the coating is on, welding would destroy the surface. Also the template can then be used to drill the holes and will match exactly where the attachments were welded.
It was wonderful to see renditions of the pieces to the scale they are going to be. This piece combines the images made by children in one of the workshops I held. I will add those images in a process blog about the piece.  There will be a placard with their names and the silhouettes of their initial drawings.